Humanities – Year 11

Autumn Half-Term 1

Prejudice & persecution

Students write up their controlled assessments having collected their own primary data and using notes from summer term Year 10. An example title is; ‘Education or Legislation, which is more effective at overcoming prejudice in a multi-cultural society’

Autumn Half-Term 2

Prejudice and Persecution The Holocaust

Students look at Hitler’s rise to power and how the scapegoating of the Jews led to a uniting of the majority of German people behind Hitler. We then look at how the Jews were systematically persecuted within Germany leading to genocide. Other examples will also be looked at e.g. Rwanda and Bosnia.

Spring Half-Term 1

Conflict & Co-operation The Vietnam War

This unit looks at the causes, effects and resolution of the Vietnam war. Comparisons are made with the on-going conflict in Iraq.

Spring Half-Term 2

Environment Rainforest

Students look at the rainforest as an eco-system and the impact that human activity is having on this. Strategies to reduce rainforest destruction will also be investigated.

Leisure & Tourism

Students look at the reasons why leisure and tourism is such a big environmental issue today, the problems it causes and strategies that can be used to manage it sustainably.

Summer Half-Term 1 / 2

Exam Revision

Students will be given a pack of revision materials. Lessons will continue as normal with teacher led revision sessions.