ICT – Year 8

Autumn Half-Term 1

The Web

Students explore the structure of the web, the programming language it sits upon and design and build a simple website.

Autumn Half-Term 2

Spreadsheet Modelling

Students use a series of spreadsheet models to find solutions to a range of numerical problems.

Spring Half-Term 1


This unit introduces students to robotics, how they are used in the world around us. They will design and build a robot simulation.

Spring Half-Term 2

Games Programming

Students use algorithms and sequencing to design and build a series of games for a range of purposes.

Summer Half-Term 1

The Digital Revolution

This unit is focusses on the impact that digital technologies on all aspects of our lives.

Summer Half-Term 2

Assessed Project

A combination of all aspects of their learning is assessed through a series of tasks completed individually by the learner.