ICT – Year 9

Autumn Half-Term 1

APP Programming

Using programming tools, students work to design and build an APP for use on a mobile device.

Autumn Half-Term 2


Using data capture and processing techniques, students explore the role of e-commerce through database management and online purchasing.

Spring Half-Term 1


A creative focus, pupils work to create animation, video,audio and interactivity for a campaign of their choosing.

Spring Half-Term 2

Database Systems

Integrating real-world systems with back-office processes, pupils understand the principles of good database design.

Summer Half-Term 1

Assessed Project

A combination of all aspects of their learning is assessed through a series of tasks completed individually by the learner.

Summer Half-Term 2

Microsoft Digital Literacy Certification

Through the use of e-learning materials, pupils prepare and work towards the first step on the Microsoft certification pathway.