MFL – Year 10

Year 10 Schemes of Work

Students of French and Spanish GCSE follow the same Scheme of Work regardless of language. Students have 3 lessons a week (usually made up of a double lesson and a single lesson). In Year 10 students complete two pieces of controlled assessment in both Speaking and Writing. One usually just before Christmas and the other just before Easter. Two more are completed in Year 11 and the best two of each Speaking and Writing are submitted to the exam board. Throughout the GCSE course students learn how to express detailed opinions and use past, present and future tenses across a range of 5 topic areas. Three topics are taught in Year 10 and the remaining two in Year 11.

Autumn Half-Term 1

Topic 1 – Home and Local Area

Students will learn how to express their opinions about where live. They will need to use all three tenses to discuss their local area.

Autumn Half-Term 2

Controlled Assessment Preparation.

Spring Half-Term 1

Topic 2 – Health and Sport

This unit covers sports. It also enables students to talk about healthy living.

Spring Half-Term 2

Controlled Assessment Preparation.

Summer Half-Term 1

Topic 3 – Leisure and Entertainment

Topic 3 enables students to talk about their free time hobbies in more detail. They will also get to look at a Spanish film in more detail.

Summer Half-Term 2

Reading and Listening Exam Preparation.