MFL – Year 7 – Spanish

Year 7 Schemes of Work

In year 7 students have 3 lessons of Spanish per week. Year 7 Spanish starts by revisiting some of the basic details that students may have covered at primary school, which also acts as an important foundation for those who have not studied Spanish before. The course moves on to look at school life, family life, the home, free time and life in town. Most students are expected to achieve National Curriculum Level 3-4 by the end of the year. As the course covers the immediate future tense and briefly looks at the past tense, some students may be able to produce work that is level 5-6 standard. In the final term, students also start French in preparation for studying the language in year 8.

Autumn Half-Term 1

Units 1 ¡Vamos! & 2 En el instituto

Students study basic details, such as introductions, numbers and the alphabet. They then move onto looking at school life.

Autumn Half-Term 2

Unit 3 – Mi familia

A unit based on family life, physical description, character eyes and hair.

Spring Half-Term 1

Unit 4 – En casa

This unit focuses on where students live; describing their home and the activities they do there.

Spring Half-Term 2

Unit 5 – El tiempo libre

Students learn to discuss free time activities, what sports they do and what they are going to do. Students also learn to tell the time.

Summer Half-Term 1

Unit 6 – En la ciudad

This unit focuses on what the local area is like, how to discuss the weather and use a variety of tenses (present and future).

Summer Half-Term 2

End of year assessment and Introduction to French

Students spend the final half term preparing for the end of year assessment in Spanish as well as studying basic details in French to prepare them for year 8.