MFL – Year 8 – French

Year 8 Schemes of Work

In year 8, students study French for 2 lessons a week. Having covered the first module of the course (introductions), students start the year briefly revising this before moving onto the second module (describing yourself). Students also study school life, clothes, sports and free time, where they live and what their plans are for the summer. As this is the first full year of French, most students are expected to reach National Curriculum level 3-4 by the end of the year. As the course covers the immediate future tense, some students may be able to produce work that is level 5-6 standard.

Autumn Half-Term 1

Revision and Module 2 – Toi et moi

A unit based on family life, physical description, character eyes and hair

Autumn Half-Term 2

Module 3 – Au collège

Students learn to discuss school life and what they wear

Spring Half-Term 1

Module 4 – Mes loisirs

Students learn to discuss free time activities, what sports they do and what they are going to do.

Spring Half-Term 2

Module 5 – Chez Moi

This unit focuses on where students live; describing their home and the activities they do there.

Summer Half-Term 1

Module 6 – Les vacances

Students learn to describe where they are going to go on holiday using the future tense.

Summer Half-Term 2

Using the past tense

To allow students to reach level 6, students will learn how to apply the past tense to the modules covered and how to combine it with the present and future tenses.