MFL – Year 9 – French

Year 9 French Schemes of Work

In year 9, students study French for either 2 lessons a week if they have chosen to study Spanish as well or they will have 4 lessons a week of French if they are have chosen to only study French. The course starts by looking at clothes and hobbies and continues to cover the world of work, environment and holidays. As students cover the past, present and future tenses in more detail by the end of the year most students should be working between levels 5-7.

Autumn Half-Term 1

Module 1 – Salut

Students will start by recapping the use of the past tense and how to use this in their work.

Autumn Half-Term 2

Module 2 – Ma Vie

Students will be able to discuss their day to day to life describing what they do in their spare time.

Spring Half-Term 1

Module 3 – Famille et Copains

Students will be talking about friends and family in more detail. They will also learn how to describe parts of the body and illnesses.

Spring Half-Term 2

Module 4 – À Table!

This unit focuses on food and drink. Students will learn more about French food as well as be able to have a conversation in a shop in order to buy food.

Summer Half-Term 1

Module 5 – Une Semaine à Paris

This is a very culturally rich unit – learning about the French capital in more detail. Students also describe holidays in the past as well as using the future tense.

Summer Half-Term 2

Module 6 – À nous la France!

This final unit covers all three tenses to talk about future plans and what students have done in the past.