MFL – Year 9 – Spanish

Year 9 Spanish Schemes of Work

In year 9, students study Spanish for either 2 lessons a week if they have chosen to study French as well or they will have 3 lessons a week of Spanish language and 1 lesson a week studying the Hispanic World if they are have chosen to only study Spanish. The course starts by looking at clothes and hobbies and continues to cover the world of work, environment and holidays. As students cover the past, present and future tenses in more detail by the end of the year most students should be working between levels 5-7.

Autumn Half-Term 1

Clothes, Shopping and Hobbies

Students will learn to express detailed opinions about what they do in the spare time.

Autumn Half-Term 2

Food and Daily Routine

Students will be able to discuss what they usually eat and drink as well as what they have eaten in the past/ future. They will also be able to describe their own daily routine and interview others about theirs.

Spring Half-Term 1

Transport and Holidays

Students will be able to express detailed information about different methods of transport and be able to describe holidays in the past and future.

Spring Half-Term 2


Students will learn about different Spanish festivals. They will also learn how to use the Imperfect past tense which will enable them to access level 6 and above.

Summer Half-Term 1

The World of Work

Students will be able to describe different jobs and their own future career plans. This will revisit the future tense in more detail.

Summer Half-Term 2

The Environment

In this unit students will learn how to describe environmental issues and how we can solve these problems.