Music – Year 11

Autumn Half-Term 1

World Music Unit

The Celtic, Indian and African set works studied.

Composition review  1

Compositions produced so far reviewed. Choice for first composition made.

Controlled time begun.

Autumn Half-Term 2

Final set works unit:

Jeff Buckley and Chopin pieces studied fully.

Controlled time 1.

Composition 1 completed

Spring Half-Term 1

Composition review 2 and controlled time.

Composition 2 choice made and completed in controlled time.

Performances recorded.

All outstanding solo and ensemble performances completed and recorded.

Spring Half-Term 2

Coursework review.

All performing and composing coursework reviewed.  Coursework moderated and sent to EDEXCEL by 15th May.

Set works revision.

Listening paper preparation.

Summer Half-Term 1

Final preparations for listening paper.

Summer Half-Term 2

Listening paper.