Philosophy and Ethics – Year 10

Autumn Half-Term 1

Medical Ethics

  • Attitudes to Abortion
  • Attitude to Fertility Treatment
  • Attitudes to euthanasia and suicide
  • Animal Rights

Autumn Half-Term 2

End of Life

  • Body and Soul
  • Life after Death
  • Funeral Rites

Spring Half-Term 1

Poverty and Wealth

  • Christian beliefs about the causes of hunger, poverty and disease
  • Religious views of poverty and wealth
  • Christian Action
  • Moral and Immoral Jobs

Spring Half-Term 2

Religious and Spiritual Experience

  • Public and private worship
  • Prayer and meditation
  • Food and fasting

Summer Half-Term 1

Peace and Justice

  • Attitudes to war
  • Christian beliefs about violence and pacifism
  • Crime and punishment
  • Attitudes to social injustice

Summer Half-Term 2

Good and Evil

  • What is good and evil?
  • How do Christians explain evil
  • Coping with suffering
  • Sources and reasons for moral behaviour