PSHE / Citizenship – Year 10

Week Topic Outcome
1-2 Skills for personal development
  • Describe effective group work and listening skills
  • Practise and reflect on effective group work and listening skills
  • Assess and judge their performance in using these skills
3-4 Great expectations
  • Recognise what is expected from them in Keys Stage 4
  • Summarise their aspirations
  • For the Key Stage
  • Clarify sources of help and support
  • Plan steps to achieve individual goals
5-6 Stress
  • Understand stress and its effects
  • Recognise the symptoms of stress
  • Explore stressful situations and responses to them
7-8 Relaxation
  • Explore helpful and unhelpful stress relievers
  • Experience and practise relaxation techniques
  • Reflect on the benefits of relaxation in managing stress
9-10 Lifestyle and health
  • Recognise factors that influence health
  • Assess the risk to their health resulting from these
  • Suggest ways to reduce risks to health
11-12 Dealing with serious illness
  • Understand the link between health and well being
  • Show awareness of societal attitudes to chronic illness
  • Construct their own values and coping mechanisms in relation to ill health
13-14 Getting started
  • Explore the concept of helping the community
  • Extend their understanding of purpose and role of volunteer programmes
  • Plan for personal involvement
  • Improve their knowledge of topical events
15-16 The law
  • Identify the main features of the legal system
  • Recognise the factors and processes involved in making and shaping the law
  • Develop their understanding of the differences between the criminal and civil justice systems
  • Understand how laws affect the daily lives of citizens
17-18 Rights, Responsibilities and Duties
  • Distinguish between rights, responsibilities and duties
  • Understand the responsibilities that are associated with their rights
  • Consider what influences the way people approach rights, responsibilities and duties
19-20 Forms of government
  • Apply their knowledge of different forms of government and economic systems
  • Define the purpose of government
  • Evaluate performance against given criteria
21-22 Conflict resolution
  • Identify different types of conflict
  • Understand why conflict happens and what is required for successful conflict resolution
  • Apply their learning by suggesting methods of conflict resolution
23-24 The economy
  • Define the terms ‘economy’ , ‘economic system’ and ‘economic activity’
  • Improve their understanding of basic economic principles
  • Consider what factors influence a country’s economy and what the effects might be
25-26 Business & Financial Services
  • Recognise that local, national and global economies are interrelated
  • Improve their understanding of relationships between the local and other economies
  • Explore the links between business, financial and employment issues
27-28 It’s you choice
  • Understand the importance of gaining recognised qualifications
  • Compare and contrast different types and levels of qualifications recognising the personal suitability of each
  • Apply their knowledge of qualifications to identifying routes into a chosen career path
29-30 Employers, Employees & Representation
  • Improve their understanding of the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Explore the relationship between employers and employees
  • Apply negotiation and conflict resolution techniques to industrial relation issues
31-32 Be safe at work
  • Become familiar with major areas of health and safety regulation
  • Understand basic health and safety rules and responsibilities that apply to the work place
  • Develop awareness of health and safety issues
33-34 Freedom of the press
  • Improve their understanding of the meaning and nature of a free press
  • Consider the role of a free press in society
  • Recognise the difference between fact and opinion and use this knowledge when making judgements about news reports
35-36 The Internet
  • Investigate issues arising from widespread use of computers and the internet
  • Reflect on, and draw conclusions about, responsible use of computers and the internet