PSHE / Citizenship – Year 11

Week Topic Outcomes
1-2 Self-analysis & Target setting
  • Understand how their beliefs and values affect their actions and experiences in all aspects of life
  • Use self-analysis to set targets for themselves.
3-4 Thinking about your future
  • Identify factors that affect career choice
  • Investigate pathways and progression routes relevant to them
  • Understand that lifelong learning is essential for lifelong employability
5-6 My CV
  • Understand the nature and purpose of a CV
  • Recognise good layout, content and style in a CV
  • Develop and produce their own CV
6-7 Letters of application
  • Understand the nature and purpose of letters in the application process
  • Become familiar with the optimum layout content and style
  • Develop and produce a letter of application or application cover letter
7-8 Application forms
  • Recognise the main functions of an application form
  • Understand how to complete an application form
9-10 Interviews
  • Recognise good practice in interview situations
  • Develop robust answers to commonly asked questions
  • Give and receive feedback on performance
11-12 Coping with rejection
  • Examine their attitude towards coping with the unexpected
  • Practice dealing with rejection
  • Make contingency plans for specific situations
13-14 Analysing career trends
  • Compare work and college environments with school
  • Develop knowledge of local trends in employment, education and training
  • Assess the impact of LMI on individual career choice
15-16 Making my choice
  • Examine the options available at post 16
  • Compare and contrast the various options
  • Judge the most appropriate route for them
17-18 Europe, Commonwealth and United Nations
  • Identify the benefits and challenges arising from membership of political families
  • Explore the concepts of international government and co-operation
  • Understand the development of political families and their key objectives
19-20 Sustainable development
  • Define the term ‘sustainable development’
  • Assess the impact both globally and locally, of developing projects on the lives of individuals
  • Explore the choices involved globally and locally in achieving sustainable development
21-22 Globalisation
  • Consider different attitudes to globalisation
  • Explore and begin to evaluate the impact of globalisation on individuals, communities, countries and the global economy
23-24 The risky money go rounds
  • Understand key financial terms
  • Identify the emotions associated with gambling and debt
  • Develop a critical approach to money and risk
25-26 The secure money go round
  • Identify future financial needs
  • Differentiate between types of pension and life assurance
  • Plan for their financial futures