Science Core – Year 10

Autumn Half-Term 1

B1 Unit 2
Coordination and control

B1 Unit 3
Medicine and drugs

B1 Unit 4
Adaptation for survival

B1 Unit 5
Energy in biomass

B1 Unit 6
Variation, reproduction and new technology

B1 Unit 7

B1 Mock exam

Autumn Half-Term 2

Centre assessed units (CAU)
Practice ISA
Physics ISA
Chemistry ISA
(Biology ISA – if needed)

Spring Half-Term 1

C1 Unit 2
Rocks and building materials

C1 Unit 3
Metals and their uses

C1 Unit 4
Crude oil and fuels (first half)

C1 Unit 5
Products from oil

C1 Unit 6
Plant oils

C1 Unit 7
Our changing planet

C1 mock exam

Spring Half-Term 2

P1 Unit 2
Using energy

P1 Unit 3
Electrical energy

P1 Unit 4
Generating electricity

P1 Unit 5

P1 Unit 6
Electromagnetic waves

P1 Unit 1- revision
Energy transfer by heating

P1 Mock exam

Summer Half-Term 1

B1 Unit 1-7 – revision

C1 Unit 1-7 – revision

P1 Unit1-6 revision

Summer Half-Term 2


B1 GCSE exam – Friday 6th May (PM)

C1 GCSE exam – Tuesday 10th June(PM)

P1 GCSE exam – Thursday 12th June(AM)

P2 Unit 1

P2 Unit 2