Science Additional – Year 11

Autumn Half-Term 1

Centre assessed units (CAU)
Practice ISA
Physics ISA
Chemistry ISA
Biology ISA (if needed)

Autumn Half-Term 2

B2 Unit 1
Cells, tissues and organs

B2 Unit 2
Organisms in the environment

B2 Unit 4
Energy from respiration

B2 Unit 5
Simple inheritance in animals and plants

B2 Unit 6
Old and new species

B2 Mock exam

C2 Unit 1
Structure and bonding

C2 Unit 2
Structure and properties

Spring Half-Term 1

C2 Unit 3
How much?

C2 Unit 4
Rates and energy

C2 Unit 5
Salts and electrolysis

C2 Mock exam

P2 Unit 1

P2 Unit 2
Forces (first half)

Spring Half-Term 2

P2 Unit 2

P2 Unit 3
Work, energy and momentum

P2 Unit 4
Current electricity

P2 Unit 5
Mains electricity

P2 Unit 6

P2 Unit 7
Energy from the nucleus

P2 Mock exam

Summer Half-Term 1

B2 GCSE exam
Tuesday 13th May 2014 (AM)

C2 GCSE exam
Thursday 15th May 2014 (AM)

P2 GCSE exam
Monday 19th May 2014 (PM)