Science – Year 8

Autumn Half-Term 1

First Rotation

Due to the practical nature of the subject the units within science are delivered in rotation.

Units included are: 8B1/8C1/8P1

8B1: Body Systems

This is a Biology unit exploring the human body and its digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, allowing pupils to look first hand at animal organs and how structure and function relate.

8C1: Elements and Compounds

This is a Chemistry unit which allows pupils to investigate the properties of elements, how compounds are made and develop skills in writing symbol and word equations.

8P1: Light and Space

This is a Physics unit allowing pupils to investigate light rays, reflection, refraction and colour. It also allows pupils to study our solar system, the planets, phases of the moon, seasons and eclipses.

Autumn Half-Term 2

Completion of first rotation

Includes the units 8B1/8C1/8P1

Spring Half-Term 1

Second Rotation

Units included are: 8C2/8P2

8C2: Our Planet

This is a Chemistry unit studying different types of rocks and their formation and the rock cycle which illustrates how our planet can change.

8P2: Heat and Sound

This is a Physics unit allowing pupils to investigate the different ways that heat is transferred. It also allows pupils to look at what sound is and how we measure, see and create it.

Spring Half-Term 2

Completion of second rotation

Includes the units 8C2/8P2

National Science and Engineering Week

Included in this half-term are special activities designed to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). These take place in March every year.

Summer Half-Term 1

Third Rotation

Units included are: 8B2/9C1

8B2: Ecology

This is a Biology unit which allows pupils to study habitats, feeding relationships, plant growth and photosynthesis.

9C1: Marvellous Metals

This is a Chemistry unit which allows opportunity to explore how different metals react when burnt in oxygen, placed in water or added to acid. It looks at the reactivity series of metals and the periodic table and leads on to extraction of metals and displacement reactions.

Summer Half-Term 2

Completion of third rotation

Includes the units 8B2/9C1

Revision and end of year examination

All units will be assessed by levelled end of unit assessments and pupils will be given levelled differentiated Working Scientifically tasks which will be introduced in lessons and in some cases completed for homework as extended projects.