Science – Year 9

Autumn Half-Term 1

First Rotation

Due to the practical nature of the subject the units within science are delivered in rotation.

Units included are: 9B1/9C2/9P1

9B1: Health

This is a Biology unit that explores the dangers of drugs, alcohol, smoking, malnutrition, a lack of exercise and disease.

9C2: Chemical Reactions

This is a Chemistry unit allowing pupils ample opportunity to investigate combustion, oxidation, endothermic and exothermic reactions, conservation of mass and different fuels.

9P1: Energy and Electricity

This is a Physics unit which looks at the different forms of energy, how electricity is generated, sustainability and energy transfer in electrical circuits.

Autumn Half-Term 2

Completion of first rotation

Includes the units 9B1/9C2/9P1

Spring Half-Term 1

Second Rotation

Units included are: 9B2/9P2

9B2: Sorting and Identifying

This is a Biology unit which looks at the classification system of living organisms. It also allows children to explore how information is passed on genetically and how we have used this information to carry out selective breeding, cloning, genetic engineering and the importance of gene therapy.

9P2: Forces and Motion

This is a Physics unit studying the measuring of speed, distance time graphs, balanced and unbalanced forces, air resistance and streamlining and pressure, levers and moments.

Spring Half-Term 2

Completion of second rotation

Includes the units 9C2/9P2

All units will be assessed by levelled end of unit assessments and pupils will be given levelled differentiated Working Scientifically tasks which will be introduced in lessons and in some cases completed for homework as extended projects.

KS3 Revision carousel

This is an intensive revision period designed to fully prepare students for End of Key Stage Three Assessment

National Science and Engineering Week

Included in this half-term are special activities designed to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). These take place in March every year.

Summer Half-Term 1 / 2

Start GCSE course

All students will complete the following units on rotation

B1 Unit 4
Adaptation for Survival

C1 Unit 7
Our Changing Planet

P1 Unit 2
Using energy