Sports Leadership

GeneralSportsLeadersWeek 1: Introduction

Candidates could name leaders who they consider effective and then identify the skills, qualities and values of their chosen leader. (Candidate Worksheet 2.1)

Candidates could also produce a contract to identify what a good leader should be/shouldn’t be, and agree on a set of ground rules to be followed. (Complete Record of Achievement, page 4, part 1)

Week 2: Communication skills for leading basic games

Candidates could observe and lead games with minimal/no equipment (for example, basic playground activities).

Candidates should start to show an understanding of various methods of communicating. (Candidate Worksheet 1.10)

Week 3: Structuring, planning and leading sports activities

Components and structure of a session. Candidates should plan, lead and self-evaluate some pulse-raising games/activities with peers. (Candidate Worksheets 1.1, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.18)

Week 4: Organisation skills

Candidates should be able to understand the importance of knowledge and research when planning a sports activity.

Week 5: Understanding fair play in sport

Candidates could research a range of examples of fair play and cheating. When do/don’t we see it?

Candidates could identify a range of participant behaviours that they would expect when leading. (Candidate Worksheets 2.2 and 4.1)

Week 6: Promoting fair play in sport

Candidates could lead playground/warm-up games with rules to promote fair play.

Week 7: Planning a sports specific activity

Candidates could research and plan a sports specific practice (a simple throwing/catching activity will suffice) as part of a group lead session. The plan should be devised for two groups of participants, with either contrasting age or ability. (Candidate Worksheet 1.6)

Week 8: Leading a sports specific activity

Candidates should lead and review the planned activity from the previous session as part of a group, demonstrating communication and other leadership skills learned so far from Units 1, 2 and 4. This session may also give the Tutor/Assessor the opportunity to assess Unit 5. (Candidate Worksheet 1.18)

Week 9: Factors affecting healthy lifestyles

Candidates should identify the factors that contribute towards a healthy lifestyle. Candidates should prepare, in groups, a short presentation on how one of the factors may affect a person’s health and fitness. (Complete Record of Achievement Change 4 Life commitment, page 5)

Week 10: Factors affecting healthy lifestyles

Groups should deliver presentations set from the previous week to peer groups.

Candidates should plan an exercise session designed to increase participants’ heart rate. (Candidate Worksheets 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8)

Week 11: Activities that encourage healthy lifestyles

Candidates should lead and review an exercise session designed to increase participants’ heart rate.

Candidates should also consider how to motivate participants.

Week 12: Opportunities in sport and recreation

Candidates could research opportunities in the community to produce a leaflet/directory/wall display. They could produce an action plan for future leadership opportunities. (Candidate Worksheets 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3)

Week 13: The role of the official

Candidates could identify the characteristics, roles and responsibilities of the official. (Candidate Worksheets 5.1 and 5.4)

Week 14: Officiating games

Candidates could apply an agreed or modified rule structure to a short game or activity. (Candidate Worksheet 5.6).

Week 15: Self review and planning for demonstration of leadership

Candidates should produce a set of plans for activities that can be used when demonstrating leadership skills for one hour (six x 10 minutes, four x 15 minutes, three x 20 minutes or two x 30minutes). (Candidate Worksheets 1.3, 3.6,3.8 and 5.6) (Complete Record of Achievement, page 4, part 2)

Week 16, 17, 18: Demonstration of leadership

This could be completed cumulatively or over a number of weeks, depending on the cohort size.

An Independent Assessor Form must be completed and retained in the Record of Achievement.