Year 12

Autumn Half Term 1

The Information Age: Online Services

Research into the range of services provided through the web, pupils work to present a multimedia e-book featuring their findings.

Autumn Half Term 2

Life in the Information Age

Further research into the impact that the web has had on our daily lives is compiled and presented in their e-book.

Spring Half Term 1

The Digital Economy

Focussing on the world of e-commerce, learners analyse the nature of a transactional website and learn the implications of data storage for a commercial organisation.

Spring Half Term 2

Database Design: Back-office processes

The back-office processes to manage the flow of data through a system are replicated through the design and testing of a database system.

Summer Half Term 1

The Knowledge Worker

Using a range of real-life numerical problems, pupils work to analyse and present their solutions using spreadsheet software.

Summer Half Term 2

A2: Multimedia Skills Development

Extending and developing further multimedia skills, pupils work through a series of directed tasks to prepare for the Year 13 project.