Year 13

Autumn Term + Spring Half Term 1

Using Multimedia Software:

Pupils research and develop a multimedia APP to meet a client brief. They test and refine in order to progress and refine their product, de-bugging and then evaluate the effectiveness of their solution.

Managing ICT Projects:

Liaising with stakeholders, pupils plan and communicate the progress of their work using project management software. They deconstruct the project to manageable phases and work with peer-testers, reviewers and senior management to prepare a solution. They reflect on progress and explore lessons learnt after handover of deliverables to the client.

Spring Half Term 2

Using Database Software:

A range of information systems present a selection of database challenges. Pupils advance their database skills to prepare valid and reliable solutions for each.

Summer Term

Using Database Software: Exam

Working to a pre-release brief, pupils research and design a database system to provide a solution to a problem. The exam takes place within a 2 week window with four 2 ½ sessions. During this time they create a database that provides a solution to the given problem.