Year 12

AS Home Economics – Food, Nutrition and Health
AS Design and Technology – Product Design (3-D Design)

AS Home Economics – Food, Nutrition and Health

This course is assessed by two written exams;

Unit 1 – G001 – Society and Health (25%)
Unit 2 – G002 – Resource Management (25%)

The topics studied alternate between the two units.

Autumn Half Term 1

Demography, Resources and Food Hygiene.

Autumn Half Term 2

Family and Society and Food Provision

Spring Half Term 1

Key Issues for Society, Social Issues and the Selection and Purchase of Food and Household Goods.

Spring Half Term 2

Environmental Issues and Food Preparation and Cooking Equipment.

Summer Half Term 1

Revision and past paper practise.

Summer Half Term 2

Introduction to Nutrition and basic cooking skills. This will teach the key concepts and cooking skills needed to commence Year 13.

AS Design and Technology: Product Design (3-D Design)

Autumn Term

AS Product Design
Introduction to the course with a 2 week focussed practical design and make task
Lighting project
Pewter Casting Project
Theory of materials and processes (including past papers)

Spring Term

AS Product Design
Continuation of the coursework portfolio with two more projects
Theory of design influences (including past papers)

Summer Term

AS Product Design and intro to A2
Completion of the AS portfolio (50% of the AS grade) – submit to the AQA examiner
Theory exam (50% of the AS grade)
Begin the major project planning for A2