Year 12


Autumn Half Term 1


Unit of work investigating the growth of global tourism, impacts on British seaside resorts, impact of tourism on less developed countries and changes in ecotourism and sustainable tourism

Autumn Half Term 2


Unit of work looking at changes in energy sources from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Case studies include oil exploitation in the Niger delta, HEP using the Three Gorges Dam and sustainable energy in California.

Spring Half Term 1

Managing Urban Change

Unit of work looking at urbanisation, counterubanisation, urban decay and urban renewal in MEDCs including case studies Leeds and London. Also investigation urban change in LEDCs, problems associated with rapid urbanisation and urban segregation. Case studies include Santiago, Nairobi and Buenos Aires.

Spring Half Term 2

Managing Rural Change

Unit of work looking at hoe rural areas in MEDC are changing due to policy change in agriculture leading to diversification. Also looking at changes as a result of counter-urbanisation and tourism in rural environments.


Coastal Environments – 10 Weeks

Study of the processes occurring along coastlines resulting in coastal landforms. This includes wave formation and impact, beach environments and ecosystems, causes and consequences of sea level change and coastal management. Case studies include Studland sand dunes, Management at Barton on sea and mangrove ecosystems.

River Environments – 10 Weeks

Study of the processes occurring along the courses of a river including the landforms a river creates. This includes fluvial processes of erosion, transportation and deposition and landforms such as waterfalls and flood plains. The unit also includes the study of floods, river management and HEP. Case studies include the Three Gorges Dam and the Colorado river.

Hot Arid and semi arid environments – 10 Weeks

Study of Arid and desert environments, processes that affect them and landforms created within them. Looking at aeolian and fluvial processes and landforms and adaptation of flora and fauna. In addition study of how these areas can be managed. Case studies includethe Draa Valley, Arches National park and Gobi desert.