Maths – Year 12


Autumn Term + Spring Half Term 1

Core 1

Topics include GCSE Revision; Surds; Coordinate Geometry; Quadratics Graphs and Inequalities; Polynomials; Factors, Remainders and Cubic Graphs; Simultaneous Equations; Circle Geometry; Differentiation and Integration

Spring Half Term 2 + Summer Term

Core 2

Advances on topics learnt in Core 1 and introduces Indicies; Trigonometry and trigonometric equations; Transformation of Graphs; Factorials and binomial expansions; Sequences and series; Radians; Exponentials and Logarithms


Autumn Term + Spring Term + Summer Term

Decision 1

Topics include Prim’s and Kruskal’s algorithms for minimum spanning trees; Dijkstra’s algorithm for shortest distance; Chinese Postman algorithm; Graph Theory; Sorting algorithms and Linear Programming