Maths – Year 13


Autumn Term + Spring Half Term 1

Core 3

Topics include Functions; Further transformations of graphs; secant, cosecant and cotangent; the number e; Differentiation via the Chain Rule, Product Rule and Quotient Rule; Numerical solution of equations and iterative methods; Integration by inspection, substitution, by parts and standard integrals; volume of revolution.

Spring Half Term 2 + Summer Term

Core 4

Advances on topics learnt in Core 3 and introduces Binomial series expansion; Long division of polynomials; Partial fractions; Implicit differentiation; Parametric equations; Exponential growth and decay; Differential equations; Vector equations of lines


Autumn Term + Spring Term + Summer Term

Mechanics 1

Topics include Mathematical Modelling; Equations of motion in one- and two-dimensions; Forces and Friction; Resolving forces; Projectiles; Momentum; Newton’s laws of motion; Connected Particles