Science – Year 12

AS Biology
AS Chemistry
AS Physics


Autumn Half Term 1

Topic 1: Lifestyle, health and risk

Unit of work covers circulatory system,biochemistry of carbohydrates and lipids,risk factors of coronary heart disease.

Autumn Half Term 2

Topic 2: Genes and health

Unit of work on cell membranes, biochemistry of proteins and nucleic acids, enzymes and inheritance.

Spring Half Term 1

Topic 3: Voice of the genome

Unit of work looking at human development and its control, cell ultra-structure, and cell division.

Spring Half Term 2

Coursework +Topic 4: Biodiversity and natural resources

Complete coursework activity – visit report on Woburn Safari Park
Unit of work on speciation, classification, biodiversity of ecosystems and conservation.

Summer Half Term 1

Topic 4: Biodiversity and natural resources + Revision

Complete topic 4 and revision of all topics for the exams.

Summer Half Term 2

Topic 5: On the wild side (Year 13)

Unit of work on global warming and using identification techniques to model global warming.


Unit 3 – Practical skills in chemistry (coursework)
Completed throughout the year

Autumn Half Term 1

Unit 1 – Module 1: Atoms and reactions

Atoms, moles and equations, acids and redox

Unit 1  – Module 2: Electrons, bonding and structure

Electronic structure and bonding and structure

Autumn Half Term 2

Unit 1 – Module 3: The Periodic table

Periodicity, Group 2 and Group 7

Spring Half Term 1


Mock exam for Unit 1

Unit 2 – Module 1: Basic concepts and hydrocarbons

Basic concepts, alkanes and alkenes

Spring Half Term 2

Unit 2 – Module 2: Alcohols, halogenoalkanes and analysis

Alcohols, halogenoalkanes and modern analytical techniques

Summer Half Term 1

Unit 2 – Module 3: Energy

Enthalpy changes and rates and equations

Unit 2 – Module 4: Resources

Chemistry of the air and green chemistry


Summer Half Term 2

Unit 4: Module 1 Rings, acids and amines (Year 13)


Unit 5 – Module 1: Rates, equilibrium and pH



Autumn Term

Unit 1: Particles, Quantum Phenomena and Electricity

Chapter 1: Matter and Radiation
Chapter 2: Quarks and Leptons
Chapter 3: Quantum Phenomena
Chapter 4: Electric Current
Chapter 5: Direct current circuits
Chapter 6: Alternating currents
Chapter 14: Practical Work in Physics

Spring Term

Unit 2: Mechanics, Materials and Waves
Unit 3: Coursework

Chapter 7: Forces in Equilibrium
Chapter 8: On the Move
Chapter 9: Motion and Force
Chapter 10: Work, Energy and Power
Chapter 11: Materials
Chapter 12: Waves
Chapter 13: Optics

Coursework assessment

Summer Term

Revision for Units 1 and 2

May 20th – Unit 1 (a.m.)
June 9th – Unit 2 (a.m.)

Unit 4 (introduction)

Chapter 1: Force and Momentum
Chapter 2: Motion in a Circle
Chapter 3: Simple Harmonic Motion