Science – Year 13

A2 Biology
A2 Chemistry
A2 Physics

A2 Biology

Autumn Half Term 1

Coursework + Topic 5: On the wild side

Coursework investigation completed on ecosystems – undertaken on Fieldtrip to Pembrokeshire.
Unit of work covers photosynthesis, ecology and energy transfers.

Autumn Half Term 2

Topic 6: Forensics, infection and immunity

Unit of work covers forensic techniques, immunity and infections as characterised by Tuberculosis and HIV.

Spring Half Term 1

Topic 7: Run for your life

Unit of work looking at muscles, respiration and different energy systems in the body.

Spring Half Term 2

Topic 8: Grey Matter

Unit of work looking at the nervous system, the brain and ways of imaging it, brain diseases.

Summer Half Term 1

Scientific article + Revision

Unit of work focusing on synoptic elements to biology through the analysis of an exam board specified scientific article.


Unit 6
Practical skills in chemistry (coursework)
Completed throughout the year

Autumn Term

Unit 4 – Module 1: Rings, acids and amines

Carbonyl compound, carboxylic acids and esters and amines

Unit 5 – Module 1: Rates, equilibrium and pH

How fast? And acids, bases and buffers

Spring Term

Unit 4 – Module 2: Polymers and synthesis

Amino acids and proteins, polypeptides and polyamides and synthesis

Unit 5 – Module 2: Energy

Lattice enthalpy, entropy and enthalpy and electrode potentials and fuel cells

Summer Term

Unit 4 – Module 3: Analysis

Chromatography and spectroscopy

Unit 5 – Module 3: Transition elements

Properties and reactions of transition metals



Autumn Term

Unit 4: Fields and Further Mechanics

Unit 5: Nuclear Physics, Thermal Physics and Medical Physics

Chapter 4: Gravity
Chapter 5: Electric Fields
Chapter 6: Capacitors
Chapter 7: Magnetic Fields
Chapter 8: Electromagnetic Induction

Medical Physics: Eye, Ear, Electricity in the Body, Non-Ionising Imaging, X-Rays

Spring Term

Unit 5 (ctd): Nuclear Physics, Thermal Physics and Medical Physics

Unit 3: Coursework

Chapter 9: Radioactivity
Chapter 10: Nuclear Energy
Chapter 11: Thermal Physics
Chapter 12: Gases
Chapter 13: Practical Work in A2 Physics

Coursework Assessment

Summer Term

Revision for Units 4 and 5

June 11th – Unit 4 (p.m.)
June 19th – Unit 5 (a.m.)