Sixth Form Dress Code

Acceptable to Wear

Boys Girls
Trousers, including Chinos Trousers, including Chinos
Black denim (not faded, ripped or skin-tight) Black denim (not faded, ripped or skin-tight)
Polo shirts Blouses and shirts (not see-through)
Shirts with collars Dresses and Skirts (mid-thigh or longer in length)
Plain, smart t-shirts Plain, smart t-shirts
Jumpers Jumpers
Cardigans Cardigans
Jackets/Blazers Jackets/Blazers
Pullovers Pullovers
Smart shoes Smart shoes


Not Acceptable to Wear for All Students

No blue denim (jeans, skirts or jackets)

“Micro” Length Skirts / Dresses. Very short shorts

No large splits in dresses and skirts

Ripped trousers Trainers/pumps e.g. Vans/ Converse Style or other Branded Sports shoes. No flip flops
Camouflage trousers Visible facial piercings/visible tattoos
Track suit bottoms Hoodies
Sports/ Gymwear Very revealing clothing, for example crop tops
T-shirts or tops with logos & offensive slogans Excessively high heels


  • Sixth Form Staff have the right to ensure that appropriate dress is worn to school. Any student not adhering to the dress code may be sent home to change.

The Sixth Form Team will make the final decision on appropriateness of items of clothing