Sixth Form Life

It’s a busy week. Most students have 24 timetabled lessons each week and 6 private study lessons.  If you are taking AS Levels, each subject is 5 lessons per week and the enrichment programme is 3-4 lessons per week.

If you are taking Level 2 courses the number of lessons each week depends on any subjects you are re-taking. If you are taking the Health and Social Care course, then later in the year you will also have a work placement for part of the week. Generally, however, you can expect 6 private study lessons and up to 4 enrichment lessons each week. Your teachers will set assignments for private study. Often, these will be online assignments so you will find that ICT facilities are a vital part of learning.

We expect all Sixth Form students to arrive by 8.45am and register. Registration is electronic – every student needs to check in at the Sixth Form Centre. Biometric registration (your thumb-print!) helps us to give an accurate attendance record for students and this is available on-line to parents. Each morning, everyone should also check emails and the information screen which provides updates on school activities and Sixth Form events.

Teaching and Learning

Most subjects are taught in groups up to a maximum of 20. You will find that you are strongly encouraged to be an active learner, doing your own research, organizing your time, taking a leading role in lessons. Every eight weeks we will give you an assessment for each subject, showing your level of attainment over that period of time. This ‘Census’ Report is available electronically, via the School’s website.

The Sixth Form Team will help students through the whole process of university applications. For some universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, some additional study and preparation is essential. This is open to students applying to a range of universities, not just Oxford and Cambridge. For everyone, guidance is provided about choosing universities and help in completing your UCAS form. If your choice is employment, or another direction for training, we will help and support with that too.

Every student will have a form tutor and meet with their tutor group daily. The tutor will have an individual meeting with you every half term. The aim will be to check on your progress, organisation and success in all aspects of your Sixth Form studies and to discuss any concerns you may have.