Welcome to Caroline Chisholm School

Our school is situated in Wootton, Northamptonshire. Designed as a modern school for the future, we have some of the best facilities available to students in Northampton area. Designed as a all through school, we cater for students between the ages of 4 – 19 and our buildings and facilities reflect this.

From our Primary Phase campus to our spacious Sixth Form centre, please take the time to view our tour and see what we have to offer.

Main Entrance

Follow the path from our main entrance, on your left you will see the reception for our Primary Phase. Continue forward to enter our Secondary reception.

From Reception to Sixth Form

Our school formally opened in 2004 and has a total capacity for just under 2000 students. Around 1,550 of those pass through our reception each day.

You can also enter the Sixth Form common room via the staircase and as you can see our students have a impressive study centre. Complete with Computer Facilities, Private Study Areas and Café

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Our Primary school has doubled in size since Caroline Chisholm School was first opened and now looks after around 420 students.

The building comprises two wings, the first caters for Reception and Key stage 1 students, Reception year have their own play facilities. The second wing is dedicated to Key stage 2 students.

We have excellent facilities in primary and can boast a full computer lab, wet room (for cooking and art), sports hall and a dance studio.


Happy, Healthy, High Achievers

Sport is at the heart of a healthy lifestyle. We encourage all our students to take part in team sports and after school activities. We have two rugby pitches, 8 Tennis Courts, both grass and astro turf sports pitches, as well as indoor sports hall and gymnasium.

Our primary school also has its own dedicated grass pitch and play area.

In 2011 we also opened a new Gym and performing arts building.


Science and Engineering

As a STEM focused school we have excellent laboratory and workshop facilities. Students have access to advanced production tools such as our CAD/CAM lab and can produce their final designs on our laser cutter.


Inform, Educate and Entertain

We have a dedicated performance hall and lecture theatre. We use these for student performances, open evenings and assembly’s. Over the Christmas period we use our lecture theatre to host the CCS Christmas lectures. These are written and presented by ours students.

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