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We are a HPL World Class School

In November 2021, following two years of engagement in the HPL Award Scheme, we were delighted to receive news that our school has been successful in accreditation and has been awarded the status of HPL World Class School. 

The HPL journey at Caroline Chisholm School has been well considered, well planned, and expertly delivered. [...] This is a “World Class” school that is keen to progress further. In fact, I think it is a ‘wow’ school that could be a real beacon for how HPL can impact on learning
in an Academy. 

Russel Ellicott, HPL Accreditor

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The High Performance Learning mindset believes every student is capable of achieving the very best. HPL believes in the idea that we can grow our intelligence and that every student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. HPL founder, Deborah Eyre, believes that using their framework and way of teaching, we can challenge the system to stop categorising students by ability and instead expect high performance from everyone and systematically build towards it.

High Performance Learning's approach to schooling blends and reinforces our ethos and values we stand for and sees all students as high performers who are not limited by ability, and this reflects our own ethos of -

“Everyone, Every Lesson, Every Opportunity”


Following our successful accreditation in November 2021, we now continue to proceed on this path of improvement and will use HPL to secure unparalleled learning outcomes for our students.

Understanding High Performance Learning

Following the HPL framework, we use their Values, Attitudes and Attributes (VAAs) to reward our students with Achievement points. VAAs help to promote and draw out empathetic, hard-working and agile characteristics in all our students.

We also use their Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics (ACPs) mindset, which highlights a way of thinking and learning. Where students of all ages begin to bridge connections and use their imagination when linking, analysing, creating and realising.

We encourage parents and carers to watch our HPL Webinar below for further details on the incredible benefits of HPL and how we incorporate the mindset in all that we do at Caroline Chisholm School. 

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Full details of both High Performance Learning's VAAs and ACPs can be found below:

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