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Learning to fly (a view over the school)

What an amazing experience our Year 10 student Kian had recently.  He was fortunate to have been gifted a flying experience a few months ago in Brackley with Turweston Flying Club. It was a gift from his family for his birthday, but has been an incredible experience and something he highly recommends to anyone. 

"The plane I flew was a piper warrior from 1992. When my session came up, a gentleman took me into a teaching room where he taught me how the plane works and it's functions. He said we can fly you over your house... I managed to fly the plane where I saw Silverstone, my house and the school, as I flew co-pilot. I recognised the school ground and pointed it out to him. Out of nowhere, he does a barrel roll into a nosedive down towards the school (where you can see the photo now of the school.)"


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