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World Scouting Jamboree in South Korea 2023

Callum Garner has been chosen to represent Northamptonshire at the World Scouting Jamboree in South Korea 2023.

This is a massive personal achievement for Callum. Being awarded the place involved a great deal of hard work, initiative and resilience. Initially, he had to complete an 8-page application form to get to the next round.  He then had to attend a day where the applicants were whittled down through various selection processes. Callum made the final 36 even though he is one of the youngest participants at 14 years old. (Most are 15/16.)

During his time in South Korea, Callum will stay for a couple of days in the country's capital Seoul, where he will meet the rest of the UK scouts joining the Jamboree. He and his unit will then travel to the campsite which is found next to the world’s longest sea wall. Some facilities will be rather basic, for example Callum will only have access to cold showers, Once all the scouts from across the world have arrived, there will be an opening concert with music and fireworks to welcome the thousands of people that made it to South Korea. Over the course of the next 14 days, he will have the opportunity to do over 100 different activities; some of which Callum will have to wake up very early for. There will be little tuck shops to eat different cuisines from around the world which he can’t wait to try. This really will be a once in a lifetime experience. 

Callum has lots of fundraising ahead of him, as well as, monthly camps with the chosen 36 participants. It is a massive commitment which will require a lot of perseverance but he is very excited. His current challenge is detailed below and if you would like to help him raise funds, his go-fund-me link is under the details of his first challenge.  

First Challenge:  Callum's 200 Miles in March
To raise money, Callum will walk 200 miles in the month of March whatever the weather. He has to walk at least 13,000 steps every day.

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