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Harriet Smart: looking back on my journey through CCS and how my art has evolved

Harriet Smart started her educational journey at Caroline Chisholm School in Foundation Stage, September 2009, and left our school at the end of Year 13 in July 2023.  She is a fantastic example of how students can benefit from our all-through school, remaining in the same school setting throughout their entire school years, from age 4 up until 19. Her teachers have been able to see her blossom and grow throughout her primary and secondary years, as well as witness her thrive in her GCSEs and A Levels. 

We are pleased to share with you below some snapshots looking back at Harriet's artwork, and how this has evolved from her first year in Reception, right up to her submissions for A Level Art. Harriet has also shared a few words about how she feels being at CCS has shaped the person she is today.  Please enjoy!

From the very start, Harriet was passionate about art and exploring her creative side. Many school reports and observations noted her keen interest in art and how she enjoyed playing at the painting table.

Her love for this subject continued throughout her education, at GCSE and into A Level, where she picked to study Fine Art.  Her critical essay in Year 13 looked at how contemporary artists have transformed the face of portraiture. Pictured below is some of the artwork Harriet created for this project. 

Harriet achieved a fantastic set of results at A Level, securing A*AA and an A in her extended project. She is now studying Law at the University of Manchester. Despite opting not to study art at university, we have no doubt her passion and clear talent for art will continue to stay with her! We wish Harriet lots in her future education. 

A message from Harriet: 
Harriet - Year 13

"I could sit here and talk about the boundless opportunities, achievements, many experiences and, academic success that I have left Caroline Chisholm School with; but the most valuable possession I am leaving CCS with, is irreplaceable memories I will have for life. Memories with my friends, with my teachers, with my peers, memories created from the age of 4 in Primary phase, to 18 in Sixth form.

"I am proud of the person CCS has shaped me into and that is down to the supportive, family-like community that CCS has been for me. From my teachers, to my peers, to the cafe ladies… I always felt safe, felt pushed to be the best I can be, and felt like I could receive support from everyone around me.

"There has never been a day when I have doubted my possibilities at CCS; and although moving from primary phase to secondary phase, and secondary to sixth form can be a big change, the school made the transitions smooth and adaptable, and thus, I never felt overwhelmed.

"Caroline Chisholm School has been a part of my life since I was 4 years old, but I am now leaving to go and follow my dreams at University to study Law, something Caroline Chisholm school has helped me achieve. CCS has been a very special part of my life, I will never forget my time here; the friends I have made here, and the teachers have shaped my life impermeably.

"From primary school to sixth form, CCS has watched me grow, and I would like to thank the school for providing an extensive range of opportunities, for pushing me to success, for the friends I have met and will have for life, the memories, and for the achievements I am walking away with. I could not recommend Caroline Chisholm School enough."

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