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Day 1 - Arrival day

After a slight delay, the long travel day came to an end at about 22:15 when we arrived at the hostel. It's clean and functional, and the staff are lovely. We scoffed late night pizza and finally settled just after 01:00. No major drama to report: however, a student had a slight wobble at the airport, then was absolutely fine; we had the luxury of an extra hour and a half sitting on the plane before take off (more reading time!); a couple of cases have had an overnight stay in Heathrow - hopefully, they will join us today; Mr Walker was the hero who stopped the coach from leaving Heathrow, when a few of us had yet to embark, by diving bravely in front of it! (I might be exaggerating a little... ); we had the obligatory first night excitement of chatting till late. The students are a credit to us - polite to everyone, no moaning when delayed and full of enthusiasm. Looking forward to Day 2.

Where to next?