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A dedicated page to school organised trips where you will find blog updates from teaching staff and/or students. You will be able to read all about what students have been up to on day trips, as well as day-to-day activities and view their site seeing experiences while abroad. 

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  • Year 12 Photography students visit University of Northampton

    Published 17/01/24

    Our Year 12 Photography students recently enjoyed a visit to the University of Northampton. The purpose of the trip was to explore and utilise the university's state-of-the-art facilities, gain insights from industry professionals, and enhance their practical skills.

    One of the highlights of the day was the students' access to the university's dark room facilities. This unique opportunity allowed them to experiment with traditional film-based photography techniques, offering a hands-on experience that complements their classroom learning. The dark room session helped to deepen their understanding of the art, and also provided a chance for creative exploration.

    The students also got to hear from a special guest, an ex-CCS student who is currently in his second year at University, studying Photography. Sharing his story served as both inspiration and motivation for our aspiring photographers. His insights into navigating the transition from school to university, along with tips for building a career in Photography, left a lasting impression on the Year 12 students.

    Led by the BA Hons Photography course leader, the group later got stuck into a special masterclass, gaining further insight into studio photography techniques, lighting setups, and composition. They then had the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, gaining confidence and proficiency in using professional equipment.

    The students thoroughly enjoyed their time at the University of Northampton and were able to produce impressive pieces of work during the day, including a collection of beautiful photographs they proudly took away with them.

    A huge thank you to the University of Northampton for hosting us and providing our Year 12 Photography students with a wonderful experience. The trip was a resounding success, providing a fantastic opportunity for our students to continue to develop their passion for the art of Photography and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

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  • Year 7 Trip to The National Gallery and The National Portrait Gallery

    Published 29/11/23

    We had a great day on Wednesday 15 November 2023, visiting two world-famous galleries off London’s Trafalgar Square.

    Our Year 7 students, armed with a clipboard and a pencil, had the task of completing a treasure hunt, which involved finding facts about specific works of art in various rooms, navigating their way around the gallery. During drawing activities, groups of students were found absorbed, gazing at art works that they had only previously seen on screens, they were so excited to see familiar works such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, up close.

    After a packed lunch and a trip to the gift shop, the afternoon was spent in the recently refurbished National Portrait Gallery. Beginning with a trip to the education rooms, we were greeted by a member of staff who chatted to everyone about portraits and the type of portraits that can be found in the gallery. The students had plenty of opportunities to get involved with the interactive displays, and found being turned into a portrait of a King or Queen very amusing.

    A firm favourite in the Portrait Gallery was the exhibition Windrush: Portraits of a Pioneering Generation, which had been commission by King Charles.

    A prize of chocolates was awarded to the person who created a great drawing (Congratulations Angelina) and house points were awarded to two students who completed the treasure hunt fully.

    After an amazing day, we all got on the coach, which unfortunately hit one traffic jam after another. The students were amazing and behaved brilliantly after such a long journey home. We would like to pass on our thanks to the parents and guardians who patiently waited for our late return.

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  • Jesus Christ Superstar – Milton Keynes Theatre

    Published 13/11/23

    On Thursday 2 November, the performing arts department took 55 music and drama students to see the long-standing Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical – ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ at Milton Keynes Theatre.

    The story is told through the eyes of Judas, in Jesus’ last days before his death and is a sung-through musical which was a new concept to many of the students. The students' conduct was exemplary (with an usher commenting on how fantastic they’d all been) and those who had been to ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ earlier in the year with us were pleased to see one of the cast from that musical playing Jesus. Thank you to parents and carers for bringing them and fetching them from the theatre.

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  • Year 12 Trip to Paris

    Published 13/06/23

    A group of 51 of our Year 12 students had a fantastic time away in Paris last week, discovering all the incredible history and culture the city has to offer!

    The group enjoyed a picturesque river cruise down the River Seine, a visit to the palace of Versailles and the Pompidou Centre, along with its contemporary art gallery, as well as some free time spent soaking in the sights at the Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe.

    For the final day, students explored the Sacre Coeur and the Louvre, before heading home Sunday morning - we hope you've all had a great trip!

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  • Year 12 Lessons from Auschwitz trip

    Published 24/03/23

    On Wednesday 22 March, three Year 12 students accompanied Miss Cambio and the Holocaust Educational Trust to take part in the Lessons from Auschwitz Project. This was an invaluable opportunity for students to learn outside the classroom.

    The students started their day in the town of Oświęcim (Auschwitz) where they visited the local synagogue. Here they were able to see pre Jewish life in a town that had a high percentage of Jewish people and understand the vibrant background of a group that has been persecuted for years. They then continued to Auschwitz 1, receiving a tour from a historian and Rabbi, visiting cell blocks, the execution post and seeing exhibits of possessions - the proof of these atrocities.

    Students were able to enter the gas chamber and crematorium at Auschwitz 1, the only remaining crematoria on site. The experience was hard hitting and difficult at times, but the students understood the significance and importance of visiting such sites. The focus was on humanising the Jewish people who suffered at Auschwitz and telling the forgotten story.

    We then moved onto Auschwitz 2 where students saw the vast site of Birkenau, with 1.5km of wooden barracks, stretching as far as the eye can see. Our students at this site focused on the testimonies of the survivors and all three students took part in reading out these testimonies to the group. The day finished with a ceremony lead by Rabbi Eckstein, who sang the holocaust memorial prayer in Hebrew. Students lit a candle during this ceremony and laid it at the end of the railway line. A significant day for students, who now have been given the task of creating a project to continue the education of the holocaust further to our school community.

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  • A Level Visual Art trip

    Published 20/02/23

    On Thursday 9 February, The Visual Art department arranged a school visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum and Tate Modern in London for our A level Fine Art and Photography students.  

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  • Year 11 trip to Victoria and Albert Museum and Tate Britain

    Published 25/01/23

    The Visual Art department arranged a school visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum and Tate Britain in London, on the 12 January, for 64 of our Year 11 Textiles, Fine Art and Photography students. The aim of the visit was to give students the opportunity to start their contextual research for their Externally Set Assignment (Exam project). Students have chosen their own exam theme from a range of given themes, by the exam board AQA. They spent the time in the two museums sourcing art works that relate to their chosen theme, which they can then draw inspiration from, to help them develop their own ideas. The trip was very successful and gave students a real kick-start to their exam project. Students are now evidencing this trip in their folders/sketchbooks and are using the drawings and photos that they took. Once again, our students were exemplary on the trip.

    We are delighted to be able to, once again, offer these extra-curricular enhancement activities, which give the students a much fuller and broader educational experience. We have sent out a letter to all parents of Year 11 Fine Art and Photography students with dates of exams and deadlines for both exam projects and coursework. During the exam project, which students will complete towards the end of April, we are offering after-school sessions on Mondays and Thursdays for all our KS4 students to catch up on or extend their learning, and we sincerely hope students take advantage of this offer.

    Please do check out the photos below to see some of the wonderful pieces of artwork students had the chance to view during the trip.

    - The Visual Art Department


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  • Year 12 Silent Film A Level day

    Published 12/01/23

    Miss Upson and Miss Harrison took the Year 12 film studies students to the British Film Institute for a Silent Film A Level day. The students spent the morning exploring different silent films and had a fantastic lecture on the core elements of this unit. In the afternoon the students then watched the silent film 'Sunrise' accompanied by a live pianist. This was a wonderful day, and the students really enjoyed the experience. 

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  • Day 4 Autostadt

    Published 18/12/22

    After breakfast, we headed off to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. It was a 15-minute walk which took us 25 minutes because we took the scenic route (out of the hostel, turn right, to the bottom of the road, turn round, past the hostel again, and then on to the Autostadt!) When we got there, we were given a tour of some of the highlights. Mrs Husband saw the car that Mr James is going to buy her for Christmas. It only costs around 1.6 million euros. Towards the end of the day, some of us went to the Designer Outlet shops and some of us went ice-skating. (A few students managed to get on the ice but, unfortunately, time ran out, and some students didn't get chance.... They weren't 'frosty' about it and maintained the positivity we've seen from them throughout the entire trip.) Well done kiddos. After dinner, a few students had shopping withdrawal and popped back out for more retail therapy. The rest of us hung out at the hostel and played table tennis. The weather has been -7, and we have seen increases in the layers staff and students have been wearing throughout the trip. I'm sure a few students are attired in the entire contents of their cases. 

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