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Day 4 Autostadt

After breakfast, we headed off to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. It was a 15-minute walk which took us 25 minutes because we took the scenic route (out of the hostel, turn right, to the bottom of the road, turn round, past the hostel again, and then on to the Autostadt!) When we got there, we were given a tour of some of the highlights. Mrs Husband saw the car that Mr James is going to buy her for Christmas. It only costs around 1.6 million euros. Towards the end of the day, some of us went to the Designer Outlet shops and some of us went ice-skating. (A few students managed to get on the ice but, unfortunately, time ran out, and some students didn't get chance.... They weren't 'frosty' about it and maintained the positivity we've seen from them throughout the entire trip.) Well done kiddos. After dinner, a few students had shopping withdrawal and popped back out for more retail therapy. The rest of us hung out at the hostel and played table tennis. The weather has been -7, and we have seen increases in the layers staff and students have been wearing throughout the trip. I'm sure a few students are attired in the entire contents of their cases. 

Where to next?