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KS4 Visit to Tarragona

Considering we had a 1.30am start, the students were surprisingly chipper on the journey to the airport where all went smoothly. We took off in the 6am UK gloom, flew through the clouds to see dawn breaking and arrived ahead of time into the warmth and sunshine of Catalonia.

After a quick stop at our rather lovely hotel, we headed straight out to find some lunch. Walking up the long, straight Rambla Nova, we stopped at the very top to admire the stunning view over the Mediterranean. 

After a short R & R break back at the hotel for students to have a siesta or a dip in the pool, we met up with the Spanish students which was a huge success and probably the highlight of the day. Some real friendships developed that evening... lots of Spanish was spoken and arrangements have been made for further meetings later this week.

We arrived back for dinner at 8pm, a buffet style arrangement with plenty of choice for everyone, before an early night after our very long day and ready for an early morning start.

The students were all amazing, and we were so impressed with their behaviour in spite of their tiredness. Stars of the day were Hugo for his amazing translation help, the girls who generously helped and supported a friend in need (I don’t want to forget anyone but you were amazing) and Jack who is practically fluent now).

Where to next?