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Admissions appeals

If you have applied for, but been unsuccessful in obtaining, a place for your child at our school, you have the right to appeal. If you have not yet applied for a place, you must do this first. Please see our admissions pages for information on how to apply for a place. You can only appeal for a place in any academic year for a child once.

If you wish to appeal for a place at Caroline Chisholm School, download and complete the ‘Notice of Appeal’ (see below) form relevant to your child’s year group. Your form should be returned via the link below. Guidance notes relevant to your appeal are also available below as well as, further information on appeals.

Co-ordinated appeals deadlines: Year 7 entry 2022

Appeals lodged by 12noon on 31 March 2022 will be heard during the week commencing 6 June 2022. You will receive notice of your appeal date during the week commencing 9 May 2022. Additional evidence in support of appeals must be submitted by 20 May 2022. Please note, the Panel may not be prepared to consider evidence submitted after this date.

In-Year appeals (appeals for current year groups)

To submit an In-Year appeal you must have applied for, and been refused, a place for your child in the current academic year.  You must submit your Notice of Appeal within 20 school days of notification that your application was unsuccessful and your appeal will be heard within 30 school days of your Notice of Appeal Form (see below) being received. You will receive notice of the date of the appeal hearing at least 10 school days in advance. 

Sixth Form Appeals

Please click here to view our current Sixth Form Admission Appeals Information, including the current process to lodge an appeal. Please note, there is no requirement for a prior application to Northamptonshire County Council, so you may ignore that section of the form. 

There is no need to contact our school directly to appeal, however, if you require further information, please contact our Admissions Manager.

Note from the Independent School Appeals Clerk - COVID-19 arrangements:

Your school appeal would traditionally be heard in person and you would appear before a Panel of three individuals. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, all appeals from March 2020 up to now have been heard electronically through the Zoom platform. The process through a PC, telephone or tablet has worked to a better level than I could have imagined would be possible at the outset and I have received no complaint to suggest that anyone has felt disadvantaged by being heard in this way. If there have been any issues with technology then we have found a way to overcome them. There are obvious advantages of the process being heard in this way such as you having the choice of the most comfortable environment to present your appeal case, instead of having to appear within a more formal setting and it also prevents the need for you to have to travel to a venue to be heard. Following the relaxation of the rules in relation to social mixing, I am currently awaiting further guidance from the Department For Education (DFE) on how appeals should continue to take place. However, in my opinion everything is in place to allow you to fully present your appeal case if we have to continue to hear appeals through Zoom in 2022. In order to reinforce the point about you not being disadvantaged by your appeal taking place in this way, it may be useful for you to know that the DFE is currently going through the process of formal consultation on a revised version of the School Admission Appeals Code. At the heart of this is a proposal that appeals could continue to be heard remotely even when the social environment is sufficiently safe for appeals to be heard in person again." [Robert Hartgroves - Independent School Appeal Clerk. February 2022.]


Notice of appeal form

Please click the link below to obtain the relevant Notice of Appeal form:


NOTE:  If appealing for a place for our Sixth Form, there is no requirement for a prior application to Northamptonshire County Council, so you may ignore that section of the form.