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Wellbeing at CCS

Our new wellbeing framework brings together six themes that help promote and develop emotional wellbeing and mental health at CCS.

As part of our work on the Wellbeing Award for Schools, we reviewed how we promote and support wellbeing at Caroline Chisholm School.  This included: 

  • Student groups developing ideas and initiatives 

  • Staff Forum identifying issues and suggestions about staff wellbeing 

  • Surveys with staff, students and parents/carers to rate us on a range of wellbeing-related criteria 

  • Optimus Education evaluating and sharing recommendations from schools best practice.  

The 2023 survey responses showed our first year’s work on the Wellbeing Award for Schools had led to encouraging improvements.  The survey also helped us understand areas where more work is needed, which led our wellbeing to update its strategy (see below):


Information on these initiatives will be shared on our website and social media posts throughout the year. 

Where to next?