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Wellbeing calendar

The new wellbeing calendar shows the key events promoting wellbeing and mental health throughout the school year.   

This includes a mixture of national / global events and some CCS-specific events, which we mark with a mixture of school assemblies, tutor group discussions, PSHE activities and school communications.    We have added three new dates for 2023-24: 

  • Parent Mental Health Day, 

  • International Day of Happiness, and  

  • National Volunteers Week.  

Information on these events will be shared on our social media posts throughout the year. 


Children’s Mental Health Week (February 2024)

We celebrated this year’s ‘My Voice Matters’ theme by focusing on young people’s views and featuring these in our new mental health videos.  Activities this week included:

  • Assemblies – sharing what students told us in the recent wellbeing survey and what we plan to do next to act on their views,
  • ‘Wellbeing Myth-buster’ quiz – working in classes to spot the myths from the facts about mental health and bullying, featuring our new video with students from years 4, 6 and 13,
  • Workshops – with help from our friends at ‘Now and Beyond’, children in KS1 learned about friendships, while KS2 learned how to turn feelings of anger into useful energy,
  • Video – we promoted the new ‘Mental Health Stigma’ student video, which you can access on our website’s ‘About Mental Health’ page, and
  • Displays – selecting winners from the student design competition.

We agree with the theme of the week – young people’s voices matter.


Anti-Bullying Week & Odd Socks Day (November 2023)

In support of Anti-Bullying Alliance’s annual initiative, students marked the start of Anti-Bullying Week 2023 by dressing up for Odd Socks Day.  Assemblies and tutor sessions this week featured: 

  • An update from our wellbeing project team 

  • Anti-bullying guidance from the Pastoral team,  

  • A CCS Newsround wellbeing episode made by Year 9-13 students, and 

  • A showcase of several initiatives from our Year 4 children, such as a class feelings jar and wellbeing posters. 


Big Health and Happiness Week (October 2023)

Our biggest ever Big Health and Happiness Week in primary included lots of great activities, each promoting good mental health and happiness.  Highlights included arts and crafts, ballroom dancing, food tasting, party games, an array of sports, and even a parents’ yoga session, just to name a few. 

This year’s event introduced the theme 'Find your little big thing', emphasising the smallest of changes can have a huge impact on our wellbeing. 


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