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Science Festival - Winners announced

On Tuesday, we hosted our Science Festival in celebration of British Science Week. The event, which welcomed students from Year 5 through Year 8, showcased the creativity of over 150 participants from both CCS and Woodland View Primary School. Throughout the evening, we witnessed a fantastic showcase of scientific exploration and creativity. From captivating experiments to thought-provoking investigations and research, our students truly shined as they shared their knowledge and passion for science. The students, parents and teachers were all proud of their work and many are already looking ahead to next year. Congratulations to the winners, and a massive thank you to the staff for your support, the judges for their time, our generous sponsors, and all the parents/carers for attending.

Well done to all the students for their hard work! 

1st prize - Laser Security System by S Yousuf (Year 7), T Veeranki (Year 7)
2nd prize - Hydraulic wonders – A Vuppal (Year 7), J Aluru (Year 7)
3rd prize - Hydropower - T Faulkner (Year 7), J Burton (Year 7)

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