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Option Blocks

Sixth Form Options Blocks 2022

Students must select three options. Only one option can be selected from each block (A-E).

Pathway 1 students can choose any combination of three A level subjects; however, combination guidance should be referred to below.

Pathway 2 students must choose either the Business Diploma or Health and Social Care Diploma; plus one A level subject from blocks B-D.

*Core Sciences: High value subjects, with high earning potential. Students wanting to pursue the strongest pathways for Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science should pick three subjects from this set. Further Mathematics is encouraged particularly as a fourth A Level for our most ambitious students.

**Core Arts: Traditional facilitating Arts subjects, highly regarded by all top universities. Students wanting to pursue the strongest pathways in Arts and Social Sciences are encouraged to select at least one subject from this set. These subjects are best taken in combination with the Social Science options: for example: History, English Literature and Government and Politics; English Literature, Spanish and Psychology. Geography is classed as a Science by some universities so can also complement a Science pathway.

***Social Sciences and Business: All combinations in this set work well together and will complement Core Arts subjects. Psychology is typically classed as a Science by universities so can also complement a Science pathway. Economics and Business Studies work very well with Mathematics for numerically-focused Social Science pathway. Students wanting to study Law at university may wish to take Law A Level, though it should be noted that this is not prerequisite for a university Law application.

****Creative Arts and PE: These subjects can work well with in combination with Core Arts and Social Science subjects. PE can complement a Science pathway, such as Physiotherapy and Paramedic Science; it also works well with Psychology leading to popular degrees such as Sports Psychology. Theatre Studies is commonly taken alongside English Literature. Product Design works well with Mathematics and Business Studies. Most students will take no more than one Creative Arts subject as the coursework components for these subjects is substantial. 

*****Pathway 2 Diplomas: Diplomas are alternative equivalents to two A Levels, and so a Diploma takes up two options blocks. This means a Diploma is taken alongside one A Level subject from blocks B-D.  

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