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19 July - Non-uniform Day

5 July 2024

Dear parents and carers, 

In April, our students in Years 10-13 had the privilege of attending an assembly led by Henry Dunn, an alumnus of Caroline Chisholm School. Henry shared his story of travelling and how a sudden traumatic accident led to the amputation of his left arm. He recounted his personal journey from waking up from surgery, through the rehabilitation that followed, to becoming a public speaker addressing students and corporations today. His resilience in facing adversity serves as an inspiration to all, showcasing the power of determination and courage.

The Matt Hampson Foundation is dedicated to providing support and assistance to people who have suffered serious injury. Through expert physiotherapy, specialist personal training, support, mentoring and advice, the Foundation helps people with life-changing injuries to get busy living again. We believe that by contributing to this cause, we can help make a difference in the lives of those facing similar challenges.
Friday 19th July – Whole School Non-Uniform Day – Matt Hampson Foundation

All students are invited to wear their own clothes to school in support of the Matt Hampson Foundation. We are asking parents and carers to make a minimum £1 donation using their ParentPay account in exchange for the opportunity to wear non-uniform clothes. This will be a wonderful opportunity for students to enjoy their final day of school in non-uniform while supporting a worthy cause. 

We expect all students to wear appropriate attire. Secondary and Sixth Form students should dress in line with our sixth form dress code. In particular students are not to wear:

  • impractical footwear e.g. flip flops / open toed footwear
  • crop tops / vests
  • short skirts / shorts

We encourage you to watch the recorded assembly to understand the depth of Henry's story and the impact he has had on our students. You can view it on our website here: Caroline Chisholm School - An inspiring assembly with alumnus - Henry Dunn (

A reminder that the final day of school (19 July) will be a half day for all students - primary, secondary, and sixth form. School will finish at 12:20pm on this day. There will be no provision for any students to remain on site after this time. 

Thank you for your continued support and for encouraging our students to participate in this meaningful event. 


Kind regards,

Autumn Wilson-Haywood
Communications and Marketing Administrator

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