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Year 10 - End of year examinations

17 May 2024

Dear parents/carers,

End of year examinations for year 10 will begin w/c 10th June.  The finalised timetable for these assessments will be sent out before the half-term break. These assessments will mirror the final examinations for each subject in terms of time, number of marks and question style.  This will give students the opportunity to experience full examination papers, whilst also giving teachers an insight into how well students have understood and can recall the learned content so far. This will enable us to identify where interventions need to be made.

As the students move into year 11, they will have two rounds of pre-public examinations (PPEs.)  The first round will be conducted during the two weeks straddling October half-term, the second will be the two weeks straddling the February half-term.  We will be tracking student progress throughout these three stages and will keep you informed of your child's outcomes at each stage.

In order for these assessments to reflect your child's true progress to date, we do advise that they prepare for these assessments.  Underperformance due to lack of revision, does not enable us to gain a reliable picture of how well a student is performing and can make it difficult to identify the real gaps in knowledge and address those through meaningful interventions.  Subject teachers will be advising their classes on what topics are covered in each assessment so that they understand where to steer their revision.  I encourage the students to ensure they have this information and to ask for support if there is anything they do not understand prior to the test.

Kind Regards,

Ms Gee
Year 10 Performance Leader

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