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Academy Trust

Our Academy Trust are members of the school's Governing Body and play a central role in both the decision-making and management of our school. They are instrumental in how our school operates. 

The Governing Body has a range of duties and powers and a general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement including, setting targets for pupil achievement, managing the school’s finances, making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, appointing staff, reviewing staff performance and pay and many more. 

Our School Trustees

  • Louise Samways (Chair)
  • Tetyana Macrae (Vice Chair)
  • Rebecca Howell (Governance Professional for the Caroline Chisholm Education Trust Board)
  • David James (Principal)
  • Graham Irons
  • Simon Stringer
  • Gina Loch
  • Lucy Marsh
  • Lucy Owen
  • Gurdeep Sembhi
  • Malcolm Loubser
  • Michelle Ray
  • Kirsty Davis
  • Claire Oliver
  • Abigail Ewen
  • Charlotte Hawker-Smith
  • Juanita Morton

How to contact the Governing Body

If you would like to contact our Governing Body, please send all requests in writing to:

Chair of Trustees: Louise Samways
Caroline Chisholm School
The Wooldale Centre for Learning
Wootton Fields

You can also contact the Governance Professional for the Caroline Chisholm Education Trust Board, Rebecca Howell, via email -


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