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Get to know your form tutor!

Our Year 7 September 2021 Form Tutors and Progress Team have each kindly put together a short biography for you to learn about some of their favourite hobbies and aspirations to get to know them a bit better. They're all very much looking forward to meeting you in September! 😊

Please click on your tutor's name listed below to learn more:

Mrs Coe - 7JLF/ECO

I am an English Teacher who will be working with Mrs Fields on the days I am in school. I love to read, but particularly to listen to dramas and audiobooks. 

My new school year's resolutions are: 

  1. To meet my deadlines
  2. To do a little bit of work every day, so I don't have lots to do at the weekend
  3. To say something positive every day

Dr Cose - 7CEC/JGR

I have just started working at Caroline Chisholm School where I teach science from KS3 to KS5.    Before becoming a teacher, I worked in medical research in UK, USA and Africa and after that I spent eight years working with horses in Uganda doing safari rides.  I have been lucky enough to do some amazing rides all over the world.

I have 3 children, my daughter is a nurse and my two boys are both at secondary school.  At home, I have 4 cats and two dogs, Fergus and Claude, but I am just about to get a puppy, his name is Winston.  Fergus is a Jack Russell and came to the UK with me from Uganda.  Claude and Winston are both French Bulldogs, and they are very funny dogs.

My favourite films are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and my favourite computer game is anything with Crash Bandicoot in. 

There’s only one thing I don’t really like, and that is bad manners and rudeness.

If I had to follow one motto in life, it would be: In a world where you can be anything, be kind. 

I’m really looking forward to September and getting to know the students, it’s going to be a great year!

Mrs Cozens - 7CC

Hi All. I am really looking forward to getting a new year 7 class and meeting you all. I have been a tutor for a long time now as well as a head of year. My favourite job in school has been my role as a tutor. I see myself as your school parent, the mediator, the buffer and an ear to listen to your worries and successes. I am a PE teacher, but I love all subjects and have many things I like to do when I am not teaching. I enjoy reading (although mostly audiobooks these days), cycling, rock climbing, playing hockey, travelling in my VW camper van called Sunshine, I love to make things and be creative, gardening and any kind of adventure.

I hope you feel excited to come to CCS, I am very excited to meet you all and find out more about you. Have a great summer. If you would like to send me a little bit about yourself, please do and email it to me:

Mr Dawson - 7LDN

I am second in department for Art, and I lead on putting together the lessons and curriculum for KS3. I really enjoy seeing students get creative! Before becoming an art teacher, I studied Fine Art Painting & Drawing at the University of Northampton, and I specialised in portraiture. 

Outside of school I really enjoy going on walks, exploring my local area and new places. My favourite place I have visited is Iceland and I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. I also have a French bulldog named Oliver that joins me on my adventures.

Mrs Fields - 7JLF/ECO

Role: English Teacher (KS3 and KS4) and Form Tutor

Hi everyone. 

I work in the English faculty and so as you can probably guess-love reading! I'll read anything I can get my hands on and am a bit of a binge reader, so most holidays you will find me curled up with a novel unable to take my eyes off the print until I've finished the book. I also love creative writing and love nothing more than seeing students connect with their inner novelist/poet and express themselves through creative writing.  

Hobbies: I got bitten by the travel bug from a young age and in my spare time I love travelling and experiencing as many different cultures as I can. I found India and Brazil to be particularly inspiring, and the food in Brazil was heavenly. I also love art and any type of sport you can think of (yep, even darts) and I encourage my three children to spend time outdoors: climbing trees, making bases and being active whatever the weather.

Dislikes: I'm petrified of frogs! I don't know why they just make me feel a bit faint and queasy. But strangely, I'm fine with all other amphibians (I love axolotls), and don't mind spiders or snakes. 

Finally: As a mum of three, I can relate to the transitional journey of both the student and parent/carer. Please do get in touch if you ever need to talk to me about anything at all, and I'll always do my best to help. As your child's form tutor, I will do everything I can to help your child transition into secondary school, bond with their form group and get the most out of their time with us at CCS.

Looking forward to seeing you all in September.

Mr Gardiner - 7CEC/JGR

I am lucky enough to be the Head of Faculty in Science, and I am very passionate about my subject.  I really enjoy teaching students about science and teach A Level Biology to our Year 12/13 students.

When I'm not in school I enjoy watching/playing football and following my home team of Nottingham Forest.  I also enjoy watching a variety of films and playing video games.

My favourite type of food is Japanese, and I don't like to eat anything pickled (yuk).

I'm really looking forward to September and meeting all of you.

Miss Mepham - 7LAM

I am really looking forward to teaching Humanities and Law at Caroline Chisholm school. In my free time, I enjoy reading. I like a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, for example, I have recently read 1984 and the Picture of Dorian Grey, but I also really enjoy nature books, especially about marine life. My favourite animals are sharks and rays.

Mrs Norman - 7CN

Hello Year 7!

I'm Mrs Norman and I teach Maths at CCS, and I've been here for around 5 years.  I try to make Maths fun and exciting.

I enjoy activities with my family including walking and travelling.  We have a cat and a tortoise, who like to play together.  

I'm looking forward to meeting you in September.

Mr Ntogiakos - 7TNS

Hello! My name is Mr Ntogiakos, and I am a Computing teacher. You might be wondering how my name is pronounced? Don’t worry, it’s easier than it looks, and I’ll help you with this when I get to meet you in person!

I am passionate about computers and I love tinkering with all kinds of computers and gadgets! I worked as a PlayStation games developer (back in the PS2 days!). I have worked in IT and I have used computers for most of my life - even before the web existed! I enjoy keeping up with the latest technology and I hope that I can pass on my passion for computing to all of my students.

When I’m not busy with school work, I enjoy playing tennis or basketball. I’m a big fan of the NBA and I support the Milwaukee Bucks; my favourite player is Giannis Antetokounmpo. I also love photography and I get really excited when I visit new places that provide me with opportunities to create new images. I have always had pets. When I was growing up we had dogs, cats and even tortoises at home, and currently I have a black rescue cat called Eevee (can you guess where the inspiration for her name came from?). I have always enjoyed learning to speak different languages so as well as speaking Greek and English fluently I have recently been learning to speak Spanish too.

Having worked in Primary schools and as a parent of two children who are a similar age to you, I appreciate that the transition from Primary to Secondary school can be a little daunting. However, here at CCS we have a great team to help you and as your first point of contact, you can email me if you have any questions. I will do my best to help.

Mr Purkiss - 7TP

I am a teacher of Geography and love travel, books, hiking and climbing. I have been teaching at Caroline Chisholm School for the last ten years and have had the privilege of teaching with the Humanities team who are based in B block. My proudest achievement as a form tutor was winning the Sports Day event of 2018 and proving beyond all doubt that I had the greatest tutor group. My proudest personal achievement connected with CCS was trekking through Nicaragua and climbing five volcanoes in five days whilst staying in the same underpants. I look forward to seeing you all next year. 

Mr Starr - 7MSR

I am Head of Music and so am fortunate to teach Music across CCS from Years 5 to 13. Extra-curricular work is a very important part of my job and so participating in the school production, conducting the orchestra and directing the Jazz Band are very enjoyable examples of this. In addition, I also teach Drama and some P.E.

Out of school I play the Clarinet, Saxophone and Flute in orchestras, musicals, Jazz and Pop bands, and I am looking forward to this happening again. I also run with London Marathon No.7 in October.

I am very much looking forward to meeting and working with 7MSR in September!


Please click on your tutor's name listed below to learn more:

Miss Briggs - Progress Leader of Year 7

I am a French and Spanish teacher and am absolutely passionate about language learning and the journey it can take you on! I love holidaying in France and Spain in particular, and soaking up the local culture and cuisine. I also enjoy watching foreign films and TV programmes and love reading during the school holidays. 

I am lucky enough to teach all the way from Year 5 up to Year 12, so have a good insight into each year group. I have especially enjoyed teaching Year 5 and 6, who never cease to amaze me with their linguistic abilities at such a young age! I have two grown-up children so have also experienced student life at secondary school through the eyes of a parent. 

I started at CCS 5 years ago and guided my form through school from Year 7 to Year 11. This means that as Progress Leader for Year 7 I am already ambitious for you, as I know what you can achieve with hard work and resilience over the next 5 years. 

I'm really looking forward to meeting and working with you all in September!

Mrs Husband - Assistant Principal attached to Year 7

I am lucky to be the Assistant Principal attached to year 7. In addition to this, I work on Key Stage 3 curriculum and teaching and learning development. I love teaching my specialist subject of English and will be looking to start a 'Creative Writing Club' for interested Year 7s next year. It makes my day when I see students reading!

When I'm not at school, I like walking my two rescue dogs - Tilly and Ted. In any spare time at the end of the day, I'll be reading or planning my next adventure (be that in my little caravan somewhere in this country, further afield abroad, or in my imagination!) 

My 'New School Year Resolutions' for 2021-22 are: 

  1. Stay positive
  2. Help at least one person every day
  3. Remember to be kind to myself too.

I'm looking forward to September. 



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