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Reminder of on-site testing plans

We are looking forward to meeting all of our new Year 7 students on Friday, and hope they are excited to join us! We communicated with parents and carers back in July confirmation of your child's tutor group and teacher. Please can we make you aware that 3 tutor group codes shared with you at the time have been updated since the end of the last term.

We have detailed below the full list of Year 7 tutor groups and their COVID-19 testing time slots have been added below for your information (for ease of reference, those marked with an * have been updated). Please be aware that there are no changes to the staffing of these tutor groups, it is only the tutor group code which has changed.

Tutor group
Tutor group teacher
Testing time slot
7CC Mrs C Cozens 08:30-09:00am
*7CCE/JGR Dr C Cose and Mr J Gardiner 08:30-09:00am
7CN Mrs C Norman 08:30-09:00am
*7JFS/ECO Mrs J Fields and Mrs E Coe 09:00-09:30am
*7LMM Miss L Mepham 09:00-09:30am
7LDN Mr L Dawson 09:30-10:00am
7MSR Mr M Starr 09:30-10:00am
7TNS Mr T Ntogiakos 10:00-10:30am
7TP Mr T Purkiss 10:00-10:30am

After students have received a negative test result - which means they are able to join their form group safely - they will be escorted to the dining hall for biometric fingerprints (which will give them access to the school canteen payment system).

If your child is not taking part in our testing programme, students should come to school 20 minutes after their tutor group time slot begins and go to Main Reception on arrival. Your child will then be directed to their tutor group base rooms (detailed below), ready to start a fun day of tutor group activities!

Tutor group
Base room
7CC B11
7CN B13
7LMM B17
7LDN B16
7MSR B18
7TNS B19
7TP B14


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