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  • Year 11 newsletter - Friday 10 September

    Published 10/09/21, by Megan Innes

    Please find attached below our Year 11 newsletter for the week on behalf of Progress Leader Miss Brooke.

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  • Year 7 - Useful starting arrangements information

    Published 02/09/21, by Megan Innes

    Please find attached below a communication on behalf of Assistant Principal Mrs Husband and Progress Leader Miss Briggs ahead of Year 7 students start tomorrow. 

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  • Chartwells Catering - ParentPay update

    Published 02/09/21, by Megan Innes

    We look forward to welcoming students back to school in the week ahead. As mentioned in previous messages this summer, the Chartwells catering service will be open to Secondary and Sixth Form students again now that COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed. Students who have not used the canteen before will complete their fingerprint registration on their first day of school, which will then enable cashless payment at the checkout.

    If you have set up your Chartwells ParentPay account, your child’s purchases will be recorded as soon as they start to use the service. We regret those purchases will not be visible to you online for a short period due to a technical issue we hope will be corrected next week.

    If you have not yet set up your Chartwells ParentPay account, please refer back to the activation letter and messages we sent in July and August if you would like to do so now – it’s never too late.  Alternatively, your child can bring cash to load onto their account if they wish.

    If for any reason you have not received your Chartwells ParentPay activation letter, please contact Clare Stevens, Chartwells Catering Manager via who will be able to re-send you the relevant details.

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  • Testing arrangements reminder - Year 7-13

    Published 27/08/21, by Megan Innes

    As communicated within our testing arrangements guide, which was shared with parents and carers at the end of the last academic year, there will be a staggered on-site return for some Secondary Phase year groups. Year 7, 8 and 13 will be back on-site from Friday 3 September, and Year 9-12 will return from Monday 6 September. We have attached below a copy of the testing guide as a reminder of the information on specific tutor group timings, and what to do if your child is not taking part in our testing programme. Some useful updates have been added to page 2 of the guide, and highlighted for ease of reference.

    Please be aware that there have been a few changes to tutor groups ahead of the new term, and although students will already be aware of these, we have added a separate document below listing these changes, so you can be sure of your child’s testing time slot in readiness for their return.

    We require parental consent for students less than 16 years of age to take part in our testing programme. Students above 16 years can give their own consent at the time of testing. If you’ve had not already done so, it’s important that you complete our MS Form to provide your consent, should you wish for your child to be included in the testing programme. Please complete our MS Form via the link below to give your consent:

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  • Results Days - Support for parents and carers

    Published 21/07/21, by Megan Innes

    The National Careers Service is providing a series of webinars for parents and carers whose children are receiving results this August, to give advice on options and tips for helping their child prepare for results day.  If you are interested and would like to join, please click on the links below to register for one of the dates.

    Friday 30 July, 12pm

    Tuesday 3 August, 4pm

    Wednesday 4 August, 12pm

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  • Testing plans for September 2021 - Year 7-13

    Published 20/07/21, by Megan Innes

    Please find attached below our On-site Testing Plan Parent and Student guide for our re-opening in September for Year 7-13, which include the staggered start times that are required to allow us to safely test all Secondary Phase students when they return on-site. Please bear in mind that this will mean that we will have a delayed start for some year groups.

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  • Year 10 Bulletin - Thursday 15 July

    Published 15/07/21, by Megan Innes

    Please find attached below our latest Year 10 Bulletin on behalf of Assistant Principal Mr Ashton.

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  • Back to School ordering - The Schoolwear Shop - Tuesday 13 July

    Published 14/07/21, by Megan Innes

    Please find attached below a communication from The Schoolwear Shop regarding Back to School ordering. 

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  • End of term arrangements - Tuesday 20 July

    Published 12/07/21, by Megan Innes

    Please find attached below a communication from our Principal, Mr James, regarding end of term arrangements on Tuesday 20 July for all students.

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