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2020 Sixth Form Awards

As we are unable to hold an awards event, this year’s sixth form awards took the form of letters of commendation, which were sent to students with their examination certificates. Commendations were awarded by subject teachers to those students who demonstrated a combination of exceptional attitude to learning and achievement in their subjects, as decided by subject teachers. Notable mentions have been given where a student is deemed to have made good progress or made a significant contribution to the class in a subject area.

The Sixth Form Team and subject staff would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all students included here for their hard work and commitment to their studies.

We wish every student who left sixth form in 2020 all the very best in the future.

(A Level unless stated)
Notable mentions Commendation 
(Award winner)
Biology C Stringer, H Tinkler C Stringer
Chemistry O Mowbray, I Burada C Stringer
Physics H Tinkler M Norman
Business Studies N Burdock, G Keane G O`Neill
Economics A Chorley, M Smith D Ranavaya
Finance (LIBF Diploma) N Burdock, M Benson J Hurst
Computer Science A Kollhoff-Waldron, J Burrows J Gardner 
IT (Level 3 Cambridge National) A Gilbert, J Burrows L Marrett

E Badoi, E Denton, E Newman,
E Pannell, A Kollhoff-Waldron,
S Forrester, H Collins 

M Parmenter
Music S Forrester S Forrester
English Literature E Dovaston, S Cole-Ducker M Parmenter
Fine Art B Trott / A McClean, L Reynolds, H Collins L Reynolds, H Collins
Photography E Newman, J Walker L Oliver
French None I Burada
Spanish S Domfeh, J Burrows G O`Neill
Geography J Lovesey, H Richards M Read
History S Cole-Ducker, F McGrath E Dovaston
Extended Project E Mackriell, H Richards N Burdock
Government and Politics S Domfeh, J Beckett A McClean
Psychology A Osman, E Badoi, J Wilson S Willis
Sociology G Bellew, S Nelson E Thorpe
Mathematics G O`Neill, C Stringer T Murphy
Further Mathematics O Mowbray, H Tinkler M Norman
Physical Education S Willis, C Drew E Delafield


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