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Back to School Uniform supply

We have been made aware by our school uniform supplier, The Schoolwear Shop, that due to unprecedented circumstances, there may be a shortage on the availability of some school uniform products in readiness for Back to School in September 2021.

Whilst we have been assured that they will do their utmost to provide uniforms for all children across Northamptonshire, they have asked us to make you aware of the situation in case there are delays to orders, or if certain items are unavailable at the time of purchasing.   In light of this, the Schoolwear Shop have asked us to kindly request that parents visit The Schoolwear Shop’s one-stop shop early, from the middle of July to early August, in order to avoid any possible product shortages, and to benefit from knowing they are purchasing the correct size of garment. 

For your information, we attach a copy of a letter that The Schoolwear Shop received on behalf of the six largest uniform suppliers/ wholesalers in the UK, which provides more details on the issues they have been facing, and which have caused the delays.

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