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Secondary Phase

To begin to explain the process of pastoral care we must first understand the term pastoral:

"Pastoral care is the provision to ensure the physical, emotional and social welfare of our pupils is met, nurtured and maintained."

This is central to the school’s ethos.  All staff recognise that the voice of the student is paramount to their wellbeing and development.

At our school, we provide high-quality pastoral care in the form of Progress Leaders, Assistant Progress Leaders, Form Tutors, School Counsellor, School Nurse and our highly successful mentoring programme.

The role of the Progress Leader and Assistant Progress Leaders are essential to the day-to-day running of our school.  Progress Leaders are teaching staff, Assistant Progress Leaders are non-teaching staff.  They work together to ensure students have access to someone to speak to at any point during the day. 

Each year have their own dedicated team to provide the necessary care required for a wide array of situations.  These teams, where possible, follow students throughout their secondary phase journey to provide continued support for students and families alike.

Our Progress Team also support the day-to-day running of the school by providing a link between home and school.  Parents and carers are able to contact the school and speak to a member of staff about their child and receive support themselves where necessary.

Form tutors are essential for the needs of the students, they provide daily consistent contact and the opportunities to discuss concerns with a familiar face.  Where possible form tutors remain with the cohort until the end of Year 11 thus providing consistency for students and parents. 

Our school counselling service allows students to be referred by any staff member who feels the student would benefit from additional support.  This service is by appointment only and discretion is key.  The service is completely confidential in line with the national ethical framework for counsellors.

The school nursing team are available for students who require additional support with medical matters.  Not only do they provide required vaccinations, but also health checks for vulnerable students.

Introducing mentors assists students with combatting issues that arise through their time at secondary school.  We strive to pair up students with mentors who have similar experiences to ensure they have suitable support.  Our mentors are vetted to ensure they are the most appropriate support for the students.  This strategy has proved successful in producing results surpassing expectations.

A successful pastoral care programme is one where a child feels safe, happy, involved and able to perform to their potential.